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Corner of Carlyle & Craven Streets
(06) 835 5814
"I have lived in Napier basically all my life (35years), and since I can remember, "ANOTONIO'S" has always been here too (I'm almost certain it's the same owner/chef).
Anyway...I have never had Pizza like he makes pizza and I have tried it in Aussie at Italian Restaurants!
His Garlic Bread is to die for & has remained the same all these years. He has a little restaurant, but I think mainly does takeaways. He also does fettuccini etc. YUMMY.
I must ask him one day how long he has been in town for, as I think I was around 17 - 18 when I bought my first delicimo pizza from him.
I shall finish off by saying, if you are ever in Napier, you MUST try 'ANOTONIO'S'! "

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