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Poppa's Pizzeria
74 Albany St
Dunedin North , Dunedin
03-477 0598
Website: www.poppas.co.nz
email: pizza@poppas.co.nz

5 north raod
North Dunedin
03 4736232
Website: www.filadelfios.co.nz
Email: dine@filadelfios.co.nz
- logan beck

Yilmaz Pizza & Turkish Takeaway
906 George Street
03 479-0089
"As my friend Aaron once compared pizza hut to Yilmaz (sorry if you find the comparrison tasteless) but promise you'll find their pizzas worth it: "For the same price, would you rather have one really hot chick or two really fat chicks?"

All their bases are incredible (a great change) but their gourmet pizza menu is where they shine. Chicken Apricot, Chicken Avocado, and Mediteranean are the bomb.

Their garlic breads used to be delicious and incredible value for $5. It's a dank, garlic-butter covered full size pizza base covered in hummus and parsley. But to be honest, their old hummus was better. They changed hummus around October 2006. In 2007 they also increased menu prices. Garlic breads are now $7. I'm very disappointed by this as I've been going there for about 2 years and business has done nothing but soar for them - they can expect to lose lots of student business over this.

They do kebabs as well which are OK, and they serve AWESOME apple tea.
-j"- Jon Bakos

The Savoy Building
8A Moray Place
T: +64 3 477 3737
Website: http://www.etrusco.co.nz/pizza.html
Email: etrusco@paradise.net.nz
"Fancy restaurant that specialises in dank pizzas and dank pastas. Take your woman there. Take your man there.
-j"- Jon Bakos

Pizza Plus
176 Gordon Road
(03) 48967243
- Vicki

Pizza to-go-go
906 George St & 229 King Edward St
0800 to-go-go
24hrs Thurs-Sun
Pick-up & Delivery

Da Vincis Pizzeria - Mosgiel
168 A Gordon Rd
0800 72 74 76 or 4890008
"Great pizza, Great price.
Try the all you can eat dine in experience!"- Melinda

Pizza Haven
Centre City, Dunedin
0800-831 241

Pizza Hut, 5 Malcolm Street
Dunedin North, Dunedin
0800-83 83 83
03-477 2072

Pizza Hut
Corner of Church & Camp Streets
0800-83 83 83
03-442 9670

Pizza to - go - go
906 George
Dunedin North , Dunedin
03-477 4112
0800-86 46 46

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