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Pizza Hut
340 Cameron Rd , Tauranga
0800 83 83 83
- Grant Taylor

Chefs to go
Opposite the Commercial Club and the Skate Park
Pohutukawa Avenue
025 239 7803
"this is a gormet pizza place and its actually really cheap and so lovely. they are open thursday, friday and saturday night between 5pm and 9pm (im pretty sure on this but ring them and find out if you wish) lovely pizza's i havent had anything better since i moved to dunedin"- Joe

Gourmet Pizzas Bay of Plenty LTD
959 Cameron Rd
Phone 07 5788080
Fax: 07 5788075
Mobile: 025 889 809

Gourmet Pizzas BOP Ltd do awesome valu0pak pizzas for fundraising. The pizzas are really good and therefore easy to sell. They also do a selection of fresh gourmet pizzas which are delivered on a Friday. They are not a restaurant as such, because their pizzas are delivered fresh, not cooked. Customers can then have the pizza that night, or freeze it for another time. They are in the process of up-dating their gourmet menu, and it looks to be very nice indeed.

Pizza Hut
Was Eagle Boys
340 cameron road Tauranga
0800 101101
"VERY nice pizzas best ive ever tasted"- Tristan Lopez

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